I've been loving Illustrator lately, obsessively pathing images and working on my pen tool skills.
Charles Bronson

Stanley Kubrick

Walter Sobchak


Ron Perlman

Slow Days

Some times it gets very slow at work. That's how it goes, it's either chaos or calm. This is some stuff I did messing around during some of those quiet times.



Walk Cycle

Made a walk cycle gif of jack strutting around. I need to add more in between frames for a final product, I will use this, for an animation I have planned, at some point in the future.
Jack Stroll

Furious Jack

A clip from the animation i'm working on, unfortunately no sound or voices so the timing isn't set yet but you can get the idea. Jack is not happy and drinking his coffee is not helping the situation. I threw a little Glengarry Glen Ross in there.

Jack has a problem with authority

So here is some pencils for the animation I am working on. I will have to add the mouths into the first clip, but i will do that in toonboom, because it will be easier to lip sync on the computer. Still learning and still have a lot to learn but I'm pleased with the progress I've made so far.


John Wayne

My Dad is a huge John Wayne fan and I just finished watching the movie McLintock! and felt inspired to make a piece for him. I was also wanting to experiment with not using outlines to define the shape of things.


Some more pictures for my nephew Ethan. Him warding of Sesame Street pirates, and him pulling the sword from the stone.

Never Bring a Knife to a Katana Fight

My first animation, took me a couple months. Max Hendrickson composed the music for this piece. This animation is about KVK, he is the main character in it, but this scenario is not part of the story line we are writing. This was all kind of an experiment to try and accustom myself to animation. I still have an overwhelming amount to learn about it, but i've started my second animation and I am getting a little better each day. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

KVK characters

These are the remainder of the KVK character drawings. I made them to look like opening credit snapshots from a movie.

Toulouse-Lautrec copy

Au Moulin Rouge. This is one of my favorite paintings, I love Lautrecs work.

Ethan The Destroyer!!!

My nephew Ethan "The Destroyer" Walker is turning one year old.


Characters from a cartoon My friend Max Hendrickson and I are creating together, called KVK. I will post the other characters soon.

Here are a couple more drawings of baby animals for my girlfriend.
Bunnies, Hedgehogs, Kittens, and Otters.


Some cartoon pin-ups I made for my friend and her burlesque group. Check out her blog,


A little painting I made for my parents 25th anniversary.

A local Long Island band asked me to design a character for their T-shirts.

My girlfriend loves cute animals and since our anniversary is coming up I decided to make some drawings of cute baby animals for her.
Skunks, Sharpeis, Teacup Piglets, Schnauzers, and Pandas

KVK sketches and turnarounds

Some drawings from my sketchbook
kvk and team (young, vietnam)
-Mac Williams
-Tony Barbell
-Tadeusz aka Teddy the Pole